Using smart trainer ERG mode without 3rd party app?

Hey FastCats,

I recently purchased a wahoo snap (wheel-on smart trainer) for when I need to FTFP indoors (I absolutely despise riding indoors, but I can’t deny the convenience on some super busy or really nasty, wet days).

Does anybody have suggestions for doing a structured workout from TP without going through a paid third-party app like Zwift or TR? I have done one workout on it so far and used my stages power and Garmin head unit with just the resistance from the flywheel, but using some of the trainer’s intended features (like ERG) would be nice. I know that the wahoo app allows you to set a resistance/toggle ERG mode on and off, but I can’t find anything online regarding the ability to sync TP/Garmin workouts to it (and it would certainly be madness if I changed the wattage manually in the wahoo app for every step).

The only thing I could find online was how to sync workouts from the Wahoo app to TP when you are done. Any experiences in this wheelhouse would be appreciated!


I may have found the solution by syncing the Garmin directly to the trainer. Hopefully that will allow me to use ERG mode through my edge. Stay tuned.

Sorry, not a lot of help, but maybe a little. I haven’t taken the Zwift plunge yet either and did a couple of week’s worth of rides using the Wahoo APP and making my own power after moving from a basic (dumb) trainer to a Kickr. I ended up buying the Wahoo Bolt head unit and it was money well spent. Hopefully, you can do the same with your Garmin!

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Thanks for the reply @tim.cahhal. I’ll give the direct sync a shot this week and see how it goes!


Hey Ahmed!

Great question. You can do your workout by following your head unit (Garmin/Wahoo). If you like ERG that is great. Personally, I cannot stand it. Anyways, calibrate your trainer so it’s ready and just follow along with your workout builder on your head unit.

One important thing to note is that the trainer power may be different than the power meter you use on your bike. I only followed my power meter on my bike when on the trainer because that’s what I would use outside. Try to keep it consistent! You’ll read about power discrepancies (power meter vs trainer power) so if you can, stick to your power meter’s power!

-Coach Allie

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Awesome! I will give that a shot and make sure I am using power from my stages instead of the trainer. Appreciate the response @Allie.