Trainer Control

I’m coming from a different bicycle training company that uses their software to control my smart trainer, a KICKR. What are people using to control their smart trainers for the Fascat workouts?

I use Zwift to control the ERG on my kickr - sessions loading in automatically from TrainingPeaks


I recommend using your noggin’ and pedalling harder or easier by feel and real time readout. That’s how you’ll bike race/train so its good not to use a crutch in trainer (ERG mode) :wink:

Once you’ve mastered that then you can export your workout from TrainingPeaks to your smartTrainer for control.


I’ll have to try manual mode again with my KICKR. The last (and only) time I tried a workout with my Bolt reading my power meter, the Bolt wouldn’t recognize the “ride” as ongoing so it shut off without recording anything.

Looking to get away from ERG again :grinning:

I use Zwift also. Early in the season, winter base (getting the body use to indoor riding), I rely on erg workouts downloaded from Trainingpeaks. Around three to four weeks in, I switch out to freeride workout mode, mostly using the game’s terrain but occasionally with flatroad option on when trying hard to hit the number. I still use erg for warmups, recovery, and cooldowns blocks. Zwift’s xml coding is pretty simple and straightforward.


I’ve used Erg on the trainer from the TP/Zwift connection and also using my Garmin to control it, which is nice as it gives you a range and doesn’t ‘lock’ you on a specific number.

More recently I’ve been freestyle with Erg off on Zwift. This makes you concentrate a lot more. I’ve even done a couple of workouts on the Tour of Watopia Stages. It’s kinda funny to see people chase you down when you do a spring for no apparent reason and then soft pedal for 5 mins during your rest interval.

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Thanks for the help people. I tried my Bolt again and I must’ve done something wrong in the past because it worked fine on the KICKR. ERG and manual mode seemed fine this time. Looking to buy a Garmin 1030 for a few reasons, the feedback given helps. I may try Zwift again someday but I get more mental stimulus with Netflix, Sling, Hulu, etc.