TSS conflict in Sweet Spot plan

I’m using the Sweet Spot 3 plan. In Training Peaks, some workouts have a goal TSS in the description that doesn’t match what Training Peaks is projecting.

For instance, in week 4, the thursday ride says “Endurance Zone 2 - 45 TSS”, but Training Peaks is projecting 72. Given it’s a 90 minute ride, 72 sounds right. But maybe the coach writing the plan really intended it to just be an easy cruise accumulating 45 given it’s a recovery week.

I’ve been similar conflicts on other days. I think the TP number is always the larger one.

I realize this is a bit of a forest/trees issue, but I still thought it might be good to get clarification.

Ride in your Zone 2 heart rates and watts and if you do that*, you are ‘doing it right’ and #FtFP’ing

  • the TSS is secondary to following your plan by your zones.
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Good guidance. Thanks Frank.