Sweet Spot Group Ride (Too Much?)

In week 3 of the 18 Week SS plan and during the last 2 Saturday group rides I have exceeded my prescribed TSS despite trying to #FTFP. If I am doing TSS climbs and my final TSS is too high (211 vs 140 last week and 214 vs 165 this week), should I be dropping back from the pack on later climbs to avoid exceeding the planned TSS?

Last week it did impact my Tuesday ride due to the added fatigue but this week is going into the recovery week so I think I am ok. I also got better at it this week as you can see by the numbers, so maybe it is just a matter of me dialing the efforts over the entire ride and getting closer to target as I get more experienced at the SS Group Ride.


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Hi Jim!

It’s one of those things a coach can help dial in for you and the best way to execute a plan while being able to the group ride, but let me help you out as much as possible.

So since the Saturdays ride is so hard you would need to look at your Sunday ride. You should probably dial this one back so your weekend TSS is more in line with the plan. Or at least to the point where you do not effect the following weeks workouts. That is really I what you want to avoid.

Doing it this week before a regeneration week is no issue at all! You’ll get the rest you need but you should try to avoid doing it this week as you are recovering.

As time goes on and you get your more fit you will get use to this bigger ride weekly, maybe the TSS won’t be as high as you get more fit.

I know it’s fun to ride with others and we recommend the group rides to keep things fresh. So dropping off isn’t the best solution. Maybe a different group ride? Is there a slower group to ride with, or others falling off? Also work on hiding in the wheels early on in the ride so you can give more on the climbs and do less work during the other portions of the ride.


Thanks for the reply Jake. I wish coaching was something I could swing as I am sure it would make me a much stronger rider. At this point I am a recreational rider doing mostly hilly centuries >10k feet a few times per year. I can afford the training plans and am using my experience, this forum and your podcasts to try and bring it all together.

The group ride is really just a couple of friends so I can work on easing up a bit on these longer hilly routes. I really just wanted to verify that I shouldn’t be racking up as much SS as I could over the entire ride, but instead base it on prescribed TSS.

Thanks again,

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