Triple Bypass cancelled - new plan

Hey Frank, I just finished the Climbing Plan and was going to go right into the Triple Bypass plan and do that sufferfest again. However, it was cancelled. I looked at the cookie Fondo and that’s a possibility, as well as the Copper Triangle and Tour of the Moon. That was my first plan with FasCat and it went really well. I set a PR on my chosen climb and knocked 3 minutes off the time on the roughly 30 minute climb for me, so 10%.

Would Sweet Spot 1, the plan recommended on the last page of the climbing plan, be a logical next step?

I live in the mountains and it’s difficult (one ride) to go out and get less than 300 meters in climbing. Is it possible to do a good Sweet Spot training with that much elevation change? Are there any specific adjustments that need to be made to accommodate the climbs and the descents?

Hi @jeff.mcabee - I think you might like our sweet spot polarized plan - the VO2 will increase your FTP to climb faster and the sweet spot rides on Saturdays will satiate your long rides till your heart’s content

Not only possible - but desirable - climbing makes achieving more sweet spot all the more better and possible.