Changing goal/plan

I have been following the Phil’s KOM plan pretty closely the last 5 weeks. My riding buddies decided to to a 200 mile “fun” ride 08/15, about 3.5 weeks away and with all events cancelled this year it sounds fun. :joy:
I would like to maintain my growth/strength/power and the work I have done this year following Beginner SS1, Intermediate SS2, and Phil’ KOM plan. What plan could I shift to now and realize any conditioning gains in ~3 weeks? I am looking forward to maintaining SS/Tempo for this future all day (10-12 hour) ride that will be mostly flat (2k-3k elevation over 200 miles).


Sweet Spot Part 4 comes to mind @stevehamilton100

VO2’s on Wednesdays to increase your FTP and long sweet spot rides on the weekend to be prepared for your ‘fun ride’ :wink: