SS3 or VO2Max Covid plan?

Hi folks,

I have just finished SS2 basic and was initially planning to move to a Fondo plan but with the current lockdown I may stick with the SS plans. My plans were to do a few hilly Sportives this summer (around 200km, 3000m climbing each). Also to mix things up further I picked up your free VO2 Covid plan the other day, thanks for that!

So I have two questions, as this situation could last well into summer and I will be indoors for the foreseeable future, would you recommend doing SS3 before moving into a higher intensity plan? Also, if I buy SS3 I would have bought all 3 plans which are a bit disjointed if doing concurrently. Would you guys be able to swap them out for the 18 week SS plan?

Thanks very much, Tony

Hi @tnyrbrts - I/we recommend sweet spot part 3. Possibly even sweet spot part 2.for the time being until you know more.

Use the Performance Manager Chart to manage your CTL for when you want to be fast and therefore when you want to build (using our sweet spot plans)

Hi Frank, thanks for the reply.

As I have already purchased SS1 & 2, if I then purchase SS3 today would you be able to swap them all out for the 18wk SS plan? That way it will be more cohesive when doing it again in the future. Thanks!