Out of shape and 18 weeks to fondo. What to do?

So I have a 160km/100mile fondo coming up July 12. (~1600 meters elevation gain)
I did it last year and was disappointed with my day, and want to give it a better shot this go around.

I’ve basically been off the bike since the fondo last year, but have got in a couple outdoor rides this spring whenever time and weather allowed.

I have 2x fascat plans already:
Learn to use your power meter (4 weeks)
Fondo Intermediate (6 weeks)

My thought was:
first two weeks: just get out and ride (partially because variable spring weather)
next four weeks: power meter plan
next six weeks: sweet spot 1
final 6 weeks: intermediate fondo plan

That way I ease into things and only need to purchase one new plan.
Does Sweet Spot 1 (and in the middle six weeks) make the most sense? Is there a different program I should use instead?
Or if I should scrap the whole plan and do something else entirely?

Hello @dpaeth! Let’s start with your goals? As in do you want to be as fast as possible?

If so I recommend sweet spot part > part 3 and then switch from base to race with hill climbing intervals per your ~ 1600m elevation gain FONDO).

The 4 week free powermeter plan was an introductory special we gave away for free so not of as much benefit as direct focused training. G’luck!


Hey @FRANK thanks for the reply.

I mean, yeah be as fast as possible is always great.

Under 5 hours is the time goal. 2019 was just under 6. Partially was a tough day and slower than anticipated because of what I would call mental failure. Was ready to pull the plug after the first hour as we rode by my hotel. Was all survival mode mentally after that.

The biggest thing is over the last ~2.5 years I am up to about 105kg vs my normal 80. Obviously winning in the kitchen is going to be important.

The other concern is the long layoff and general inactivity. Will too much intensity be harder to adapt to than “traditional zone 2” base miles in the first couple weeks?

I think you will be fine with those 3 plans I outlined. Choose the ‘basic’ for the first one if you are concerned, to ease in gradually.

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So the first plan (sweet spot 2) would have started Monday. How to modify if I jump on that train?

You may edit your plan yourself like this here (its a simple drag / drop, left mouse click)


Haha, apologies.
I meant that the field test on the plan was yesterday and I don’t own a time machine. So do the field test today and skip the 2x10 sweet spot that’s on the schedule?