Right plans to prepare for the Alps trip

Off to Europe in June for a 3 week Cycling Trip through the Pyrenees and French Alps. Each day will be 100km+ with 2000-3000m of climbing each day

I think that gives me close to 28 weeks to prepare if needed, and being in the Southern Hemisphere, i am already in season

What combination of plans would you recommend as the best prep? It’s not a race, but the easier i can make it the better without dawdling around, as we will end up out there all day every day!

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Hi Andrew! I would go with our weights + base plan:

then our sweet spot part 3:

then our hill climbing intervals plan:

and poof, that is a perfect 28 weeks! Good luck!

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Was asking for a friend, and she has purchased. Thanks for the advice

That’s some legit cycling trip. I am planning to do CCC in 2021 or 22. The event organizer Phil Deeker just told me in an email to focus on core strength to protect the knees. Of course riding your bike and building endurance is important but my performance improves whenever I do more core workouts. Doing weights should also give you a decent amount of core strength as well. Just curious, is your friend planning the whole trip herself or using a cycling travel company? In any case good luck to her. It should be fun.

We are both doing the trip, but prepare differently. She trains outdoor exclusively and used a Fascat plan recently that worked well, but was letting the Black Friday specials slip by!!

We have organised it for a small group ourselves. Not an easy feat, but we got there. Did an organised tour last year, which was great, but wanted more time as we come from the other side of the world to ride, and wanted more flexibility in the itinerary. Should be fun!