Weights / timing

Hi, I started the weights + base plan in November. All was going well and I was about to start the strength phase when I got Covid early/mid-December. I haven’t been to the gym since. I did a bit of easy riding over Christmas and I’m now sure I am over the virus. Trying to work out the best plan of action and would be very grateful for advice.

  • Main event this year is La Marmotte, 160km +5000m in the Alps, on 3 July.
  • CTL currently at 41. I’m an experienced rider and would be looking to hit 100+ prior to the event.
  • I have a training block in Spain mid-April when I will be looking to do 2.5 really big weeks (+20h/wk).

I am trying to decide whether it’s work getting back to the gym now to finish the weights plan, or do I push on with the sweetspot build? I guess I would need a few sessions in the gym before I can get into the strength phase, so by the time I have re-adapted and finished the plan it would be early March. My instinct is that is too late given my A race is at he beginning of July, especially as I have a holiday in May when I won’t be able to ride much for a week.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Shall I just start the sweetspot build now, or get back in the gym (perhaps doing a “fast track” version of the weights plan)?


Hi @thomas.willan -

I suggest projecting our your training, training load (CTL) in the PMC working backwards from July 3rd to see if you have the time to finish up the weights.

Don’t forgot to allow time for your climbing intervals - at least 4 weeks

Thanks Frank. I’ve done the maths and there’s not enough time to get back in the gym, sadly.

With that in mind, do you recommend the Climbing Intervals or the Phil’s Fondo plan for my final 6 weeks of intervals? What’s the difference in terms of goal outcomes? Thanks!