Transitions and tracking

I am in my last three weeks of Sweet Spot 2 and have purchased the climbing program for my next 6 week block. I assume I should start the climbing after a recovery week? How can I track those recovery workouts since there would simply be blanks fo the days between my last Sweet Spot 2 and the first climbing session? Also, only one test, right? The protocol for the climbing block?

Just copy week 4 of the sweet spot 2 plan and put it in after the sweet spot 2 plan finishes. You can copy a week by clicking on the menu by summary (on desktop). And then paste the week after sweet spot 2. You can also copy each individual workout and place them where you want them.

There are several ‘test’ on the climbing plan. It actually starts with a field test. However since you have done one recently with the sweet spot 2 plan I would recommend you only do a 2 x 20 minute sweet spot; 10 minute rest between workout in place of the field test.

Then on weeks 1, 4 and 6 of the climbing plan you will have a full gas effort up a climb. Hopefully over the course of the plan you see an improvement in time. So this is sort of like a test. Then you can do the field test at the end of this plan. That would be 13 weeks since you have done your test in the sweet spot 2 plan.

Thanks for the guidance!

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