Switching from base to intervals

Frank, I’m 4 weeks into my Sweet Spot Part 3 and 6 weeks away from my A ride hill climb event. I’ve done 4 700 TSS weeks and have my CTL about where you say I should have it for my age . Sorry, did a 450 TSS century with 8K of vertical at the end of my regeneration week on Saturday as a sort of B/training ride.

Question: Should I a) finish the last 2 weeks of the SS-3 and then go into the Hill Climb interval plan for 4 weeks (and if so, the first or last 4 weeks of the HC plan) or b) just start the Hill Climb plan this week and take it on through to my A ride in 6 weeks? My A ride is 125 miles with about 12K of vert. Thanks!

I’d recommend you stick with the sweet spot plan. A ride that long and with that much climbing will be very aerobically based. So good to get all the sweet spot you can. Plus there is intensity in that plan.

Then you should do the last 4 weeks of the hill climb plan. The first week includes a field test which I don’t believe you will need to repeat. But also make sure you do get a regeneration week in after the next 3 weeks and a proper taper into the event, similar to a regeneration week.

You may also benefit from our coaching subscription. It includes some data analysis and changes to your plan to help line up for your goal event.



Thanks Jake. Sounds good and I especially like not having to do another field test. Hate those!

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