How much time in between training plans is best

Hey FasCats,

I’m on my second training plan with FasCat coaching. My first training plan was the six week hill climbing intervals and it was great. I was able to greatly improve my climbing and overall strength on the bike. After the training plan finished, it was about 5 weeks before I started another training plan (I’m currently doing the 18 week sweet spot plan) and I felt like that was too long in between the two. I was actively riding those 5 weeks in between but nothing structured. My 18 week plan is coming to an end in a few weeks and then I plan to start Sweet Spot 4.

My question is: How much time off or in between time should I take? Especially since there are built in regeneration weeks already built into the plans?


Hey @casey.foust!

Since our plans include regeneration weeks, you dont need to take time off between plans (unless it is the off season and you are taking your 2 week post season break).

The exception to that is ensure that you keep your 3 weeks on 1 week off structure so that you have time to recover. So when you finish the 18 weeks of sweet spot, you can jump into SS part 4 and copy the rest week from week 4 to week 2. Then complete weeks 2 (which would technically be week 3 now), 3, and 4. Then use the rest week for week 5 and then jump into week 6. Then for the next plan you do you can go directly into weeks 1 and 2 and then take another rest week.

I know that is a lot to comprehend at once, so feel free to ask questions if you need :slight_smile:



Thanks for getting back to me. So the last thing of the 18 week plan is a FTP test. Can I move that into my first week of the Sweet Spot 4 plan or should I do I start Sweet Spot 4 the following week?



Absolutely, always here to help!

You can finish the FTP test as indicated in your 18 week plan and then do a sweet spot workout such as 2 x 20 minutes at sweet spot and rest 10 minutes between in place of the FTP test scheduled in SS part 4.