Combining Sweet Spot Plans


I have purchase sweet spot parts 1-3 separately over time (SS1-Basic, SS2-Intermediate, SS3- Advanced) and I have a few questions.

First- What is the best way to integrate these with rest in between? Is it possible to get the full 18 weeks as one plan with the SS1 section at the basic level (not able to commit a lot of time during ski season)?
Second- Can I switch the SS3 plan to intermediate?


Hey @ghesketh76
Unfortunately I am not able to swap those out for the 18 weeks while still keeping part 1 at the basic level (you would have to get all of them as basic or all as intermediate. I am more than happy to swap your SS part 3 to the intermediate level though!

From there you can put the plans together within your training peaks calendar. To do this you would:

  1. Do SS part 1
  2. Roll directly into SS part 2, but instead of the Field test, do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot.
  3. Move the regeneration week in SS part 2 up form week 4 to week 2 of the sweet spot 2 plan (aka week 8).
  4. Then do weeks 2, 3 and 5. (Now you are at 11 weeks)
  5. Repeat the regeneration week from week 4 (this will be week 12).
  6. Start with week 6 & roll into SS part 3. Again do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot instead of the Field test.

Basically you will be doing a 3 week build and every 4th week youll have a regeneration week.
Hope that helps!


Just swapped out SS part 3 from advanced to intermediate for you :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks so much for your help Lacey. I’ll edit my training peaks accordingly!

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Is there any need to re-test during that 18 week period? Or is it fine to work under the same numbers since its base training?

Just do the field test at the beginning of SS part 1 and then you can do another after SS part 3 is completed (which will likely be included in the next plan you purchase :slight_smile: )

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Hello, I am now in the weight building program. After that, want to complete the sweet spot 1,2,3
But I have already CTL of 80. Should I start with SS2, and then SS3? Or start my base with SS1,…
Is the idea of ending a 6week plan with some rest and then a high volume Z2 week(training camp style)?
I know the benefits of Z2 endurance. It will be my first season doing SS base. So wonder if i can put some Z2 volume weeks ending a SS plan will have some benefits?

Good morning @Stino77 -

What strikes me here, is how your CTL is 80 coming off the weight build program - did you seed your CTL properly, have you been riding more than the plan prescribes, do you have your FTP set properly and not too low and artificially elevating your TSS’s/ CTL ?

Lots to analyze first to ensure the integrity of your data before making a big picture decision. The other question is, what’s your rush? I.e what’s your timing?

Again not sure without knowing when your goals are, your age, etc… - we can do all this with our new $39 Coaching subscription which allows us to dive into your power data to answer your question :slight_smile:

I am now in my second week of hypertrophy. At the start had a CTL of 90. (530hours of riding this year). And by following the advanced weight lift plan, still around 80. FTP is set at 280, and I think it is accurate.
No rush here though. I am a Fondo rider so peaking June/July but maybe also a fondo already half May .(between 10000-15000k feet climbing).
And I know Z2 had a good impact so maybe a Z2 only week of high volume between the SS plan is an option??
But maybe i should do the coachin subscription yes :wink:

Hi lacy, wanted to circle back on this as I am planning for next year! Can I please combine the three sweetspot plans I have into the full intermediate 18 week program?

Hey @ghesketh76 - unfortunately the 3 separate plans are not interchangeable for the 18 week plan. You can however combine those 3 plans and adjust the rest weeks to make it work. We also have our new 16 weeks of sweet spot plan that we just released.

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In that case would you mind just changing my Sweet Spot part 1 beginner with the intermediate version?

You got it @ghesketh76 - just swapped those out for you. You should see the email come through any minute now!