Time between sweet spot #2 to #3

I’m in the middle of sweet spot #2 and I already bought the #3 should I wait one week before go to sweet spot #3 or jump right on it

Awesome! Glad you are getting through your training! You can jump right into sweet spot 3. However if you just did complete a field test a couple weeks ago in sweet spot 2 no reason to complete the field test 6 weeks later at the start of sweet spot 3. Maybe one after you complete sweet spot 3!

The easiest thing to do would be to just copy week 4 of the sweet spot 2 to plan. This is a regeneration week. This way you go into Sweet spot 3 rested. Typically we have 3 week on 1 week off cycle so you if you didn’t do that regeneration week you would haver 5 weeks on which would be far too much.

If you want to get more technical you could do week 1 of sweet spot 3 as soon as you finish the sweet spot 2 plan. That would make a 3 week on cycle. Then you would copy week 4 from sweet spot 2 and continue with weeks 2, 3, and 5 of sweet spot 3 plan. That is a bit more work of shuffling around work and not necessary.

As for your field test day in sweet spot 3 you could always do sweet spot 2 x 20 minutes ON; 10 mins rest between as opposed to the field test which is unnecessary after doing one 6 weeks prior.


Thanks Jake you guy’s rock