Done with sweet spot 1

I finished Sweet Spot 1 and made a lot of progress. I am ready to start sweet spot 2. My form is -13. Should I go ahead and start sweet spot 2, starting with the FTP test or should I take an easy week to reduce my form #. I feel pretty good so it is not that I feel too tired. I just don’t want to over train. Thanks!

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So you can do this a few different ways. Typically all plans are a 3 week build 1 week regeneration pattern. So you could continue with the first week of sweet spot 2 and then copy the regeneration week from sweet 1 on week 4 and put it in after that first week of sweet spot 2. Then move the following regeneration week of sweet spot 2 plan to week 5. This keeps that 3 to 1 pattern.

Or the easy and less complicated way would be to just copy the regeneration week from week 4 of sweet spot 1 before starting sweet spot 2. The only reason you really want to get in this regeneration week is so you don’t go 5 weeks before your next one. Rest is when you get stronger!

As for the FTP test I wouldn’t stress about doing this workout. There is no reason to over test and I’m assuming you just did one in the previous plan. You could just do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot efforts with 10 minutes rest between.

Well then of course the super easier way is having the 18 week sweet spot plan which puts these 3 plans together with proper rest week and test. But you can make those adjustments easily enough.

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Thanks for your reply. I will arrange as such. I bought the sweet spot plans individually. I wished I would have bough the all 3 phases from the beginning but I wanted to test the plan to see if I liked them. Obviously I did so I bought the other phases. Just curious, for the 18 week plan, I assume you test FTP at the beginning. Do you wait and test at the end? I agree with you, I don’t to over test.

Yeah only test at the end. But under normal circumstances you would have some group rides on the weekend where you might have a few really hard rides that you can see if your FTP may or not be higher based on maybe a 20 minute climb, segment or 60 minute norm power. Just in a group ride setting you are more likely to hit these points.

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