Transition into off-season training

Hi Guys,

I have an event in one week which corresponds with the end of my Sweet Spot 3 program, plus another event four weeks after that. I had considered buying either the Road Racing Intervals or Road Racing In Season (or perhaps both) to finish off my cycling season. Which would you recommend for the next 6 weeks, given that in Texas we can ride outside (and attend events/fodos/races) until well into November or beyond?

For the upcoming “offseason”, I am considering buying your Weight Lifting for Cycling, as I already have Sweet Spot 1, 2 and 3, which I assume would be the follow on to this program. How much riding (hours, type) is included in the weight lifting program vs time in the gym?

HI @rob.cordray - thanks for your questions:

Do the Road Intervals plan for the 4 weeks after your SS3.

Our Weight Lifting for cycling has just the right amount of riding balanced to your lifting for the off season when you don’t need to be concentrating on riding alot anyway. See the example 2 week product image for more details here:

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Thanks for this! Now to just have the discipline to not ride as much during the weight lifting phase…

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All you have to do is #FtFP @rob.cordray!

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