Finished Resistance/Off season, what next?


I am finishing the resistance off season package. I have a long two day road ride (180 miles over 2 days) in August 1 and a gravel road race that is my A race on August 23. I have 19 weeks until 8/23. which plans should i get to then? SS1 then gravel? or ss1 and ss2 then gravel?? My plan ends tomorrow so i’m ready to rock when you guys get back to me! Also what’s the main difference between intermediate and advanced? is it just bike time? are the intervals the same length?



I would recommend you purchasing our 18 week sweet spot. Then completing the first 12 weeks of that. That would be sweet spot 1 and 2. Just more value if you purchase it all then you would also have sweet spot 3 for the future. But you can also purchase separately. The good thing about buying them together is that the rest weeks are lined up and it is laid out as one plan as opposed to 3 separate plans.

After that 12 weeks is when you should do the gravel plan. That would be perfect lead into your event.

The main difference between intermediate and advance is amount of riding time. In the advance plan you would have 12 - 16 hours. This also cuts into your time to recover as you will be riding more. Its more for the single young riders. Most of us with careers, family, mortgages and etc do great with the intermediate. Great blend of work, leaving time for family and recovery. Intervals are practically the same.