Next steps after Six Weeks to Sweet Spot

I just completed Six Weeks to Sweet Spot (the basic version) and saw big gains coming pretty much off the couch after letting my fitness/training drop (read: none) during grad school. As I’m trying to build back fitness ( and hope there’s a road season next year), I’m not sure which training plan to do next. I’m interested in the 32 week Off Season Resistance + SS or 16 week Resistance + SS (potentially intermediate this time) but am now show how this well this would pair since I’ve just finished SS pt. 1. Should I just go through the plans individually, can I individual add blocks to make best use of my current CTL, or should I just start pt.1 over again?

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The biggest thing @DANIELJSCHNUR is that timing is everything and you want to be timing your training in relation for your events in 2021.

That’s what our 32 week plan does - lays what you should be doing in order and in the right amounts: Fall Foundation > Weights > Sweet Spot Base


To piggy back off of the Big Cat, here is detailed breakdown of those two plans you are considering:

The Resistance training + Sweet spot (16 weeks) includes our 10 week resistance training plan which includes the 4 phases (read all about the weight training here) and then includes Sweet Spot part 2 to help raise your CTL/fitness. Rest weeks are included. This plan is meant for those cyclists that need to still build a base, but didnt get an early enough start. – aka the second best option :wink:

The ideal thing to do (like Frank suggests) is the 32 week off season plan, which includes the fall foundation, 10 week resistance plan and sweet spots 1-3 (and your rest weeks) to get a substantial increase in your CTL and set you up for a successful 2021 season!

The plan you choose really depends on your specific goals and when your A race will be next year.

P.S. :raised_hands:t3: for FtFP’ing SS part 1!