Transition from SS2 to SS3 to Crit Intervals

Hey fascats, I just bought the SS3 plan which I will follow after 16 weeks base/gym plan. I was sick this week so I only did 2 easy workouts. I still have 2 weeks of SS2 remaining in my current plan, however, my main event is 12 weeks away. After this forced rest week should I start the SS3 already or complete the SS2?
Also, how do you guys transition from one plan to another. Is there a rest week between plans or not? Thank you and Happy fathers day!

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Hi @ozzy - I am not sure if I follow your question…

I would work backwards from your main event 12 weeks away.

You may go right into sweet spot part 3 but the better question is when was your last rest week, what is your CTL, are you feeling good or tired?

Frank, thanks man. I am feeling fresh. I had a regeneration week from ss2 and then 1 week off (only 2 easy rides) because i had a cold. So last 2 weeks basically recovering. Im ready to start training next week. Question is,

A) should I complete ss2 plan (2 weeks remaining) and then do ss3 and then do only 4 weeks of crits intervals.

Or B) skip the last 2 weeks of ss2 and start ss3 now and then do the full 6 weeks of crit intervals. So basically cut short 2 weeks of ss2 or cut short crit intervals at the end. Hope it makes sense. Thanks again.

Aha gotcha - so I would do six weeks of intervals for criteriums.

What is your CTL?

Sounds like you’ve got a good base and will be fit from more anaerobic work.

So start ss3 next week right? Then 6 weeks of crit intervals. That gives me 12 weeks.

Fatigue: 30
Fitness/CTL: 38
Form: 5