State masters 10/18

Hi coaches,
I am planning on the state masters 60 plus 40k criterium on 10/18. Ive completed weights/ base with ss1 /2 , also ss3 and will be finishing up ss4 on Sunday 8/2. My ctl is currently 67, ftp is 234, it was 181 on January 1.
I’d suspect the criterium/ road interval plan would be next, looks like there is approx 5 unaccounted for weeks to schedule, minus a taper?
Would it be advisable to add a few more weeks of ss4 or start the interval plan 8/2 and continue that for a few extra weeks?
Or am I off base with my thoughts?
Thanks, Tom

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Hi @tomcaldwell9014 - keep driving your CTL up and up from now till you have 6 weeks until your event. Then switch from base to race with our criterium intervals plan:

Back to raising your CTL , sweet spot 3 is going to be better for that than SS4. So you can repeat some of the weeks from 3 but project out using the performance manager chart what your CTL will be after you populate your calendar with the sweet spot part 3. Hope that helps!

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Hi Frank,
This sounds good, as my ctl has been relatively flat on ss4, however ftp has increased. I’ll add in ss3 and start the interval program 6 weeks out.
How should I approach a taper before the event?
Thanks tom