Switching from 18 week sweet spot to race intervals

Hi there, used many of your plans over the years. This Jan 1 I started the 18 week sweet spot plan. I am now on week 12 which is a recovery week after the biggest week yet (week 11). Just listened to your switching podcast and it’s come at the right time for me.

My question is should I switch now or go a few more weeks?

My CTL was at 73 at the end of last week, historically the max I hit are 2020 - 82, 2019 - 72 and 2018 - 99 (after a week in majorca) I’m 48. I’m a bit demotivated with the 12hr weeks mainly because it’s still all on Zwift and 2 hrs an evenings. I’m sure I’m answering my own question :smile:

Checking the PMC if I do the next 3 week block my CTL will get to 78, take the recovery week (75) and switch to race, is there much value in those few additional CTL points?

Thanks in advance - love your work

Hey Jamie!!
First, just want to say thanks for being a loyal FasCat!

To properly answer your question, it really depends on when your A event is??
If it is far enough away that you can finish the 18 weeks and then jump into a race specific plan then I would encourage you to go that route and taper back your workouts during the week on the trainer to help prevent burnout :slight_smile:

Hi Lacey

Don’t have an A event as there is still no definite Crit Racing in the UK but we do have iTT, so am planning to do a couple of 25s a month starting in April. Honestly I just feel like I need to stretch my legs as have been indoors doing sweet spot since the start of the year.

I already have the Intervals for Criterium Plan, which I did last year and just fancy some type 2 fun.

You could switch to the Crit plan, however for the iTT’s - I would suggest the road racing interval plan since that will be similar to the longer iTTs you plan to do. So if you wanted to do well on those and still hold onto your fitness for later in the year I suggest:

Finish week 12 of 18 weeks SS > Road racing intervals > SS part 4 polarized > Crit intervals

Alternatively, you could finish out the 18 weeks SS to get the biggest boost in your fitness, then do SS p4> Crit intervals

P.S. SS part 4 is also some solid type 2 fun!

Thanks Lacy, I already have SS pt4, Crit intervals and cyclocross intervals just not RR intervals, maybe I’ll get that. I do know that iTT isn’t really a Crit type effort so maybe your right about RR intervals as a better fit. I guess the Cross is probably closer to an hour threshold effort albeit with some over efforts.

Thanks for your help.

Me again, I’ve gone ahead and purchased RR intervals intermediate and am going to plug that in next.

Looking forward to some VO2 max, remind me I said that in a few weeks :rofl:

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Type 2 fun!!!

Be on the lookout for coach @Jake’s latest video that’ll be released next week. He goes over VO2 max intervals and shows his suffer face. May help you feel a little better about the pain your inflicting upon yourself :crazy_face: