Getting ready to race

Hey guys,
My “A” race is scheduled for September 11 so I am about 17 weeks away. I started the 16 weeks weights plan in November but I did not follow it to be honest (new baby, gyms closed, etc.). I have been riding for about 2 months 8 hrs per week and I feel I have a decent base. Can you please help me choose a good plan for USA Crits on Sept?

Thank you,

Hi Ozzy!

If you feel you have a solid base then you should jump into Sweet Spot 2, then onto Sweet Spot 3, and directly into Intervals for Criteriums. Choose the basic plans as it will fit the 8 hours you mentioned in your note.

Hope that helps!
-Coach Allie

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Thanks Allie. I will go with SS2 Basic. What about gym? No need for that on Monday or Friday? Thx a lot.