USA Crits March/April 2021

Hey guys,
First of all, thanks for this forum and the support you guys give to the cycling community! I am a 44 yr old roadie that enjoys racing. I am a cat 4 and I typically ride 10-12 hrs and put around 300-350 kms per week.
I just did my last race 3 weeks ago and I’ve been off since then (just mountain biking and riding a few hrs for fun). I am ready to start training again, my main event is late March/early April. Looking your advice on what plan to follow, should I go with the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot or the Resistance Training + Sweet Spot? Any other suggestion?

Thank you again.

Yes - lift weights and then build your base:

Do that for the next 16 weeks then move onto sweet spot part 3 and allow six weeks to do our Criterium Intervals plan:

In all total that’s 28 weeks of getting faster - good luck and thanks for being a part of our community!

Frank, thanks a lot for your reply. I was going backwards from Mar-27/Apr-3rd 2021 and it looks like I only have 22/23 weeks if I start training today so I won’t have time to complete the 28 weeks that you suggest. Will that mean cutting the SS3 or the Intervals for crits plan?
Also, is the Resistance Training + SS Base plan only for gym or I can do the weights at home too?
Thanks man.

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You can still get into those 28 weeks because you will need training after that date.

If you need less of one or the other - cut out what you are strong in relative to what you need to improve: intervals or base? You can determine that later on like Jan/Feb.

The 16 weeks is ‘in person’ if you want to ‘at home’ it is here: [but doesn’t include the sweet spot - sold separately]

Frank, due to the all the covid stuff pretty high here it looks like I will have to go with the weight at home plan. However, I see it is a little longer (12 weeks) so how to adjust? cut it short?
Also, I have an old squat rack and some dumbbells and probably I can get the kettlebells. Can I live with that?

Thank you.

Do the whole 12 weeks to get the FULL Adaptations & Benefits - there is more sweet spot riding in this plan than there is in the 10 weeks.

In addition would highly HIGHLY invest in a $175 ViPR as demonstrated here:

The ViPR replaces the leg press in the traditional ‘in person’ 10 week plan.

Frank, I am getting the Resistance Training + Sweet spot tomorrow but I have a couple of questions.

I have been doing my traditional training plan for 4 weeks already which includes around 8-9 hrs a week plus gym sessions on Mon and Friday which I have been doing from home.

1- If I get your plan tomorrow can I start from week 4? or should I start from week 1?

2 - I have a 10 days vacation planned from Dec 10-20th so how to handle those days off? repeat weeks or go further back on plan, etc.

Thank you.