Transition from SS to Road Intervals with the CBF in between

Hi, I just bought the monthly coaching subscription which is a really cool option, thanks.
I’m wrapping up the 18-week Sweet Spot plan and am planning to do the Croatan Buck Fifty (CBF) next weekend (March 14) with a buddy, mainly for fun. Afterward, I was planning to transition into the six-week road interval plan, aiming for Battenkill on May 9, which is my “A race” for this spring.
I was planning to do a final long gravel pull this weekend (tomorrow) before the Buck Fifty next weekend. My questions are:
1- How can I incorporate the CBF (build, ride, recover) but also make sure I continue my CTL build without overtraining?
2- When should I regroup and do an FTP test to make sure I’m doing my road intervals at the right level… I assume sometime the week after Croatan but I want to both rest and not lose too much CTL
3- Battenkill is a pretty punchy route, with a few 8-10 min steep, gravel climbs. Do you recommend any adjustments in the Road Interval training to make sure I’m locked in for May 9?
Thanks for your help!

So I have fixed up your next few weeks.

I incorporated a little taper into this week so you can feel good for the Buck Fifty. It’s good to have these little tapers in to prepare for when the real events come, like Battenkill. It won’t interrupt your training too much. Also this way you can get the most out of the event. You will be somewhat fresh so you should be able to make some pretty hard efforts.

Lets do one more week of training before after the race this week. That would give you the three week build. I put in those workouts for next week.

Then you will have a rest week to follow. I a made a regeneration week for which includes a field test in it. So you will hit the field test rested and ready! I also put in a 2 x 10 minute threshold effort the week of so you can gage your effort and get an idea of what you can do for your field test. It is to help you from going out too hard.

The road race plan would be perfect for Battenkill! I did move a few workouts around. After your field test we may look at making some rides a little longer. So post back in the coaching subscription section and we can set you up. Also we can look at your field test power for you! Then I will go in and build your taper week into Battenkill.

Good luck this weekend!

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Thanks for your help, Jake!