Rest in between plans

Hi Coaches, I just finished the New for '22 Resistance Program and I’m pretty wiped. Should I take some time off / ride for fun? If so, for how long and what would workouts look like during that period? Thanks

You should really be ‘wiped’ - were you riding too much?

Our plans are designed to move right into the next one: what are your goals and when are they?!

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Goal is to be “road race ready” by 4/22.

How is your base? IOW how much have you been riding lately and what is your CTL?

You have about 10 weeks so plenty of time to do some sweet spottin’ and interval work

Thanks for speedy responses. Can you define those acronyms? I’m thinking about repeating the last 5 weeks of the resistance plan I just finished and then heading into your 6 week Intervals for Road Racing program. Thoughts on that strategy?

that is not a good idea - you need to move on from lifting weights and build your base.

I suggest sweet spot part 3 here:

CTL = Chronic Training Load - its a measure of your training load or size of your base.

Set up your PMC Chart from this training tip:

6 weeks prior to your road race do our road race intervals plan. FtFP and good luck!

Super-helpful. I already bought 18 weeks of SS. Where in those 18 weeks is part 3? Thx