Transition after weight training-32 week program

So, I am 11 weeks into the 32 week program. I am just finishing up my weight training. I am in the transition phase of transferring my weight lifting gains back onto the bicycle.

Today I was doing my group ride. As part of the schedule. And this ride which is normally very fast, was running slow. And I was really suffering through the whole entire ride. Opposed at the end of the summer, after the program, I was doing great and feeling very strong on the ride.

Is struggling and suffering normal at this stage because I’m coming out of the weight training mode?

Thanks @mitchellsands

Have you ever tasted a half baked cake… stoggy and heavy, but when it’s fully baked it will be amazing. That is you at the moment, part way through being baked… in 21 weeks you will be like a cake and then tapering will put the cherry on the top!!!


Awesome. Thank you for letting me know what was happening. Right now I’m really struggling…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. But your answer make me feel great!