Work travel + flu + work travel doesn’t equal #ftfp

I’ve missed 3 weeks of training due to life. I had just finished the first 4 weeks on the resistence training program. My A race/ride is 10/5. Should I pick back up where I left off, or nix resistance training and jump right into base training. Will I still be able to capitalize on my first four weeks of resistance training even though I have a three week gap between phase 1 and phase 2?


Are you racing or doing group rides between now and your goal race? After finishing the resistance phase it really takes 10-12 weeks of base to feel really good and get a solid level of fitness. Then of course 6 weeks of interval training afterwards it sharping yourself.

So more than enough time before October. But during the resistance phase especially the hypertrophy phase you will be nearly worthless on the bike.

I would recommend you doing at least 2-3 weeks of adaptation before starting with hypertrophy. You really need to be prepared for that.

But if you have rides or races in spring you’d like to do I would move onto 18 weeks of sweet spot and then just do resistance next year.

Without seeing the whole picture this is my suggestions.

Hi Jake,

I completed the hypertrophy phase 3 weeks ago. But didn’t start the strength phase do to travel and sickness. Will it be beneficial for me to pick up where I left off and start the strength training or is there too much time in between the hypertrophy and the strength to be of any value?


Do a week of adaptation to get use to the weights. If by the 3rd workout on Friday you feel good about doing the same weight you were before so strength the following week. You’ll be ok with the time between. You just want a week to get use to the weights.

Perfect. Thank you. Much appreciated.