Got sick :( Restart or readjust?

I got two weeks into the 32 week plan and then got sick so I’d love to get my plan adjusted. I’m not sure if I should just start over, or go back and re-do week 2 of the fall foundation. I wasn’t sick in a way that should impact my fitness other than having taken a full week and a half off the bike.


Fall foundation is not the biggest key in the overall plan. If you were 2 weeks into the resistance training phase than that would be completely different.

So how we approach this depends on your overall goal? What is your goal event and how far after the completion of the 32 week plan is it? You want 6 weeks from the completion of the 32 week plan to your event. If your event is more than 32 weeks or you are just doing for fitness you can just start the plan over. The weather is still quite nice in more regions so would be good to get 3 more weeks of riding before spending more time in the gym.

So if you restarting just unapply the plan and reply it. If you need me to do that I can! Part of the subscription. If you have an event close to the completion of the 32 week plan than just continue as is.

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Super helpful! Just building fitness right now so starting over sounds great. Already took care of it in my plan.