Training question

Hi, im training for a gran fondo 5000 plus meters of climbing, 174k. Currently started the hill interval plan and 7 weeks out. Should i be adding a couple of rides with meterage near that of the event? How much climbing is apropriate ( 4000 meters?)and how many times should I include a ride like that in preparation?

Hi Ellen - I think you will be the most successful following the plan.

If you’d like a revision please see our coaching subscription where for $39/month a coach will revise your training plan based on what you have going on or have added :

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After Evans, I have a century scheduled in Albuquerque and I am thinking about the Gila Monster in Albuquerque. If I sign up for a subscription, would the coach prepare a training plan that incorporates the events?



This one:

With the subscriptions a coach will revise your existing plan but not design a new one per the product description