Coaching questions

I’ve a Gran Fondo ride in about 12 weeks (132 miles and 10,000 ft).
I’ve done a few 100 miles rides before but never one this long with the big climbs and I’m starting to get nervous.

I’ve looked at your coaching subscription to help me out and it’s not clear that if I sign up, will you recommend a plan at the start of my subscription for the planned Fondo ride or do I wait a month before a coach makes any comments after signing up?
I’ve just completed SS1 and had planned to either use the SS2 plan or the Phil’s Strava PR Plan for Segments < 15 minutes - Basic that I’ve already purchased but having said that it would make sense to purchase the Gran Fondo plan instead.

I did also look at your hire a coach option but the sign up form is set up for American use and it will not allow a UK phone number or even allow you to type in your county (state) outside of the US.

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Once you sign up we will suggest for you what plan(s) we think will fit your needs best and then adjust those plans each month according to your available time to train and when your race is.

I will advise though that if you only have 12 weeks to go and this is your main race for the year, that you move forward to SS part 2 and then do the Fondo plan.
If this is not your A race, I would suggest training through it by doing SS part 2 > SS part 3 to finish building your base and then switching to an interval plan specific to other races you plan to di.

You can also go the hire a coach route to get 1x1 coaching and a training plan designed specific to you.
If you want to do that, for the phone # simply put in all 0’s and for location put colorado. Then put your correct phone number and address in the field at the end labeled “anything else?” and we will ensure we have the right info on file for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Lacey for the advice.
How will you let me know what plan fit’s my needs, will it be via email or is there a way to do this in training peaks.

It will be done within TrainingPeaks! I have accepted your coaching request within TP and added in your feedback boxes that contain the instructions for how to get started. Once you fill that all out, I will be in there to review your questions and give you advice :slight_smile:

All done and look forward to your recommendations. :+1:

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Hi Lacey

I’ve recently cancelled my fascat monthly coaching subscription because of my main goal being moved to next year.

I’ve paid for two months and I’ve only had one feedback from you on the 15th April.

I assumed that I was due one more feedback from you on the 15th May which I haven’t had and I’ve noticed that the fascat icon has been removed from my training peaks account.

Have I got this wrong?

Kind regards


Hey Marino!
Your subscription started on march 12th and i gave you feedback march 14th and then again in April. You paid for 2 months worth before cancelling, which was why the fascat logo was removed and my access to your training was cut off.

I did accept your coaching request to confirm this, and while I cannot provide you with full feedback due to the cancellation in your subscription I will give you a few little notes that will help you as you continue to work on your climbing and training to keep up on the group rides.

  • Adjust your FTP/zones using your fascat spreadsheet that is in the beginning of your fondo plan (started 4/29). Your peak 20 min was 255 in a group ride in march and you recently did 254w in a weekend ride as well. That means your FTP is 242w
  • By adjusting this your TSS scores will be lower and your form will not drop as much after those big rides. (notice last weeks where i just adjusted a 2 of your workouts to use HR TSS … your form for that week went from -42 to -26 and would be lower if I adjusted all of them). This is why having your zones set correctly is very important
  • The fondo plan ends 6/9
  • If you want to continue to work on climbing this season, I would do SS part 3 followed by the climbing plan and then the strava PR plan > 15 min.
  • After that do your off season resistance training to really put some money in the bank for next years event.