Doing a 10 day "stage fondo" 200km a day mountains

Hi there.My first post here.

I have been using one of your smaller plans earlier and i need a long term plan now. Come june next year I need to be in shape for a 10 day “stage fondo” with 3-5000 meters of climbing every day and are looking to switch over to you. Ive been using some other full season plans but they are riddled with errors and sprint stuff i dont need. Looking at the 18 week plan now here and wondered if there is a better one? I guess ill strt training following this plan January 13. 2021 (also before that of course) I will be purchasing the intermediate plan i guess as my work i busy but have no kids at home.



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Welcome @ronny.holm

Yes: you want to build BIG base this winter with our 18 week sweet spot plan. Then our Hill Climbing Intervals Plan.

But before that this Fall you want to lift weights to increase your power output!!

You can find all that in 32 week off season training plan here:

then the hill climbing intervals plan:

The intermediate level sounds right unless you are under 30 and have > 14 hours a week to train

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Thanks for the reply. And thanks a bunch for the base advice.

You suggest i do the 32 week plan and then straight on the hill climb plan? The sweet spot part is in the 32 week plan?

yes the whole 18 weeks in there

Thanks a lot. Will get going. Was planning to do more weights aswell and i see theres advice for that aswell :+1:t2::blush:

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