6 weeks before Major Climb Event - Use a Plan?

Hi, just a question. Used some plans in my base period and finished a gran fondo in Italy begin if july. CTL around 100 now and condition still good. But within 6 weeks I have my next gran fondo. One of the toughest! Otztaler Rad Marathon - 238km, 5500meters of climbing.

Is there a plan to choose for my last 6 weeks? Long Hill Climbs? (there a 3 very long climbs in this race). Haute Route? EPic Sweet Spot? Triple Bypass plan?

Any advice? Or just ride as much as i can? :slight_smile:

Hi Stino - our Fondo plan comes to mind first.

You always want to identify the power demands of your event (climbing) and perform interval work balance with long rides to achieve your best. This is our Fondo planโ€™s goal.

Hope that helps!!