Training Plan for Climbing Fondo

Hey team! My next fondo is very climb oriented, 6300 feet of climb in 60 miles.

Would you recommend Climbing Intervals, the Fondo plan or something else? Thanks!

Hey @DupeALoop - how long do you have until that race? You could do both, however if you had to choose one, I would advise going with the fondo plan as that will include long days in the saddle. \

The fondo plan will also have SS, threshold and tempo workouts that you can complete on a climb so you can work on your climbing legs too. Also, for the weekend group rides you can aim to throw in lots of climbing too :ok_hand:t3:

@Lacey_Rivette race is on Sept 26, so I’m just under 7 weeks out.

Sounds great on the Fondo plan, I’ll do my best to add in as much climbing as possible this go around.