Training plans merge

I purchased the 18 weeks of SS - Intermediate. Is there a way to merge a weight training plan with it?

Hi Tom!

You would buy the 10 week resistance training plan and start it before the 18 week SS plan. The goal of the weight training is to build strength and has not only weight training but specific strength workouts to be done on the bike. Once you finish the weight training you would start the 18 week sweet spot plan and build your base.

This is what you want your year of training to look like:

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This is the first and 2nd Saturday W/O’s. Is it zone 2 or sweet spot?
See attachments.

1st Saturday w/o - 100 TSS: Zones 2 - Sweet Spot
2nd Saturday w/o - 125 TSS: Zones 2 - Sweet Spot

Tried to upload pics but it did not work


Zones 2 - Sweet Spot means you have the flexibiltiy to ride between zone 2 and sweet spot. The more sweet spot you do, the sooner you will achieve the target TSS. You can read more about TSS training here:

Thanks for the quick reply.

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