Strength Training

I have a question about resistance training plans.
What is the difference between the resistance training + swet spot ( and the weight lifting for cycling ( ?
The resistance is 16 weeks and the weight lifting is 10 weeks. Why ?
Which choose ? Which sweetspot doing after each one of these plans ?


Hey Patrick!
The Weight lifting plan (which is also referred to as resistance training) is 10 weeks and does not include any of our sweet spot plans. It is available for athletes who want to build their own off season plan and incorporate all the necessary rest weeks.

The Resistance training + Sweet spot (16 weeks) includes our 10 week resistance training plan which includes the 4 phases (read all about the weight training here) and then includes Sweet Spot part 2 to help raise their CTL/fitness. Rest weeks are included. This plan is meant for those cyclists that need to still build a base, but didnt get an early enough start.

The ideal thing to do is the 32 week off season plan, which includes the fall foundation, 10 week resistance plan and sweet spots 1-3 (and your rest weeks) to get a substantial increase in your CTL.

The plan you choose really depends on your specific goals and when your A race will be next year.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lacey
Your explanations are very clear