Sweet spot plan

Hi there

I’m taking an end of season break (two weeks) and thought I would start riding a couple of weeks getting back slowly to it on the bike. At the start of November I’d like to start 18 week sweet spot training plan I purchased from you last year. I’ll include this with weights. Does this sound right for the time of year?

You should purchase our resistance training program. This includes weight training specific for cycling with specific cycling intervals that go with the workouts completed in the gym. Then start your 18 week sweet spot plan after.

Resistance Training Plan

You can hit this plan right after your 2 week break. That would be the perfect time!

I was planning on doing the seven week TT training after the sweet spot plan as Id like to target TTS this year. Is it possible to blend in VO2 max intervals into the sweet spot and TT plans? Would love to raise my ftp

Anything is possible. Both the sweet spot plan and threshold plan will help in raising your FTP but also, and maybe more importantly, being able to maintain your FTP power for those time trials. You will get in some Vo2 max work with the sweet spot plan with crisscross, burst and weekend attack style group rides. So there will be a time some of that.

If you would like a plan a bit more specific for you, you can always check out our coaching subscription or one on one coaching.


Thanks Jake. Sounds good. What would be the difference between the resistance plan (10 week) and the resistance and Sweet spot plan (16 weeks). Thanks

The resistance plus sweet spot has 6 weeks of sweet spot training (Sweet Spot Part 1) after the 10 weeks of resistance (strength) training.