Repeat 18 weeks of Sweet Spot - increase TSS?


last year I did the “18 weeks of sweet spot” training plan in the advanced version and realized a significant fitness gain. Therefore I want to repeat this plan in the upcoming winter months.

To create a higher stimulus and to further increase my fitness level I am thinking about increasing the overall workload of the plan. Would it make sense to raise the weekly TSS targets about 5-10% comparing with what I did last year? Or would you rather recommend to repeat the plan with the same volume?


Our advance plan is pretty demanding so I would be careful with how much you add to that one. Kind of like the old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sounds like it was the perfect workload for you. Look to see where your peak performances were and how high your CTL was at that point. Where they at your highest CTL point or a little lower. Gives you an idea if you think more would actually be better.

My suggestion would be doing the same but focusing on the other things, which maybe you are. I would work on recovery and winning in the kitchen. Take the extra time to do these things that will help your performance as well!

Happy that the plan has been a success for you! Don’t forget also about weight training. This can also help you take the next step and improve!

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I agree with Coach Jake here and would add - to increase the stimulus lift weight per the link Jake shared above - can’t emphasize that enough how much you will improve in addition to doing your 18 weeks of sweet spot after a weight lifting phase

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