Training plans for 50 or maybe too late? :)

Good Evening all, Happy new year and a very healthy 2021

I follow Zwift plan but not inspiring - few injuries
My fitness is reasonable but VO2 must be imported as i noticed my uphill causes often cramps

Right now i migrated from Zwift to Rouvy and i am very happy but they have no training plans.
I am living in Ireland and training for 2 activities
1.Short plan - Ireland’s premier cycling challenge Wicklow 200 for the 2021 year
THE 2021 EVENT BEGINS IN: 160 days
2. Longer plan -

I am confused with all the plans and as i never followed a real structured plan i am not 100% what i need.
Also i am right now 100% indoor training

am prone to muscle injuries. I was on 2 bike professional fittings, I am using stamina and sometimes overreaching just to achieve a goal. That can lead to injuries. Over the festive period, I have gone overweight 6Kg extra which I am addressing now.
All my training is loaded to I reached my goal of 10000KM a year with a few months off due to injuries. If you think that is overkill for me and your training is more focused to future Professionals I understand it. If you think or advise an alternative path for me would be also much appreciated.
FYI - I am not a professional and also I know i am a late starter, but this sport is my dedication,

Can i import the plan to Rouvy?
Do i need a coach or if i purchase a plan will i have possibility to reach out to a coach
Sorry for the long message and questions but looking for some real recommendations.
Many thanks and Best regards


Hi @adlerlucsi - TrainingPeaks is :100:compatible with Rouvvy so you can follow one of our plans while riding on Rouvvy

For training start with our 18 weeks of sweet spot plan and then do our road intervals plan. Both of these can be done inside on rouvvy but can also be done outside when your situation allows.

Hope that helps! G’luck with your training & happy new year!

Many thanks you for the reply

I am not sure if this is including the endurance part of the training. I am very sorry but I’m a bit confused as that would be my first structured training, so it the package you offering is the 3 of 1,2, and 3 sweet spot then adjusted during the progress? Do I have access to couch or not?
Is the sweet spot is the only required training for a climb and endurance training?
do i have to start with the sweet spot or is a build up to it ?

Another question is the training program will use the the automatic resistance mode on the Rouvy please? Is this plan including BASE Training? Will tell me how should be my cadence and the speed ? What if i unable to keep up can this be modified ?
My routes will include a lots of hills and endurance is a must

I am truly sorry for all the questions
Sorry i know many questions also not 100% sure if there are the right questions but as i am very determine to do it this year i want to make sure i even understand where and how to start
Many thanks again

To hire a coach please visit our Hire a Coach page:

Fro your goals (this is my coaching advice):

Do our 6 week sweet spot plan first and then do our 6 week hill climbing interval plan - in 12 weeks I bet your FTP will go up 5-20%.