New to cycling and need help

Hello everyone.
As the title suggests, i’m new to cycling and need some help.
Per Frank’s recommendation via email, i bought the SS part 1 training plan. However, i’m planning to do all of the training indoors while using Zwift.
Is this acceptable? Or is it a big no no?
Before you ask, reason i’m doing it 100% indoors is because i live in a very hilly city, with traffic lights every 20meters (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea) and since i’m completely out of shape, i feel that indoors might be easier for me while i get used to cycling, etc.
Also, i already saw on the training plan that there’s a few days with 2h group rides. Since i won’t be riding outside, how exactly do i do this? Just go on Zwift and ride for 2 hours? I’m not sure i can handle 2 hours on the bike since i’m just starting cycling…

Thank you very much for your help

Yes you can do any plan on Zwift. You can actually choose your TrainingPeaks workout from FasCat in Zwift under workouts.

As for 2 hour group rides, yes 2 hours indoors is a long time! Much easier to accomplish outdoors. Try doing 90 minutes and eventually working up to 2 hours. You really won’t want to do more than 2 hours on the trainer otherwise you might experience trainer burnout.

There are group rides on Zwift you could try. Being new to cycling look for a D or C category ride. Plenty to choose from. We like riders to do a group ride to not get burnt out on structured training and have some fun. But they can still be productive by sticking to the workout description.

First of all, tyvm for the reply.
And ok, good to know i can do all of the workouts in Zwift. I was afraid it would be a horrible idea, and that i wouldn’t get full benefits of the training plan by being indoors.
And thx for the tip on the group race. Will try to start with 90 mins then, but i won’t lie, i’m really afraid of wether i will be able to survive 90 mins of cycling with my current lvl of fitness…

Well just start with 60 minutes. You don’t want to go so deep one day so you can’t complete the next days workout. Make sure you to stay in your zones during your rides as well. Don’t push harder just because you feel good on a particular day, well unless a full gas workout.

After the first 6 week plan you will feel so much better if you stick with it and don’t 'get discouraged. There maybe days that feel hard, but trust the process. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

Tyvm for the tips Jake. I’m definitely going to try and stick with it, and do my best to follow the training plan. Feeling a bit anxious because i’m so out of shape, so i’m scared if mentally i’ll be able to push through it. But definitely trusting the process. :slight_smile:

I do 90% of my fascat program on the trainer including my 3-4.5 hr rides. So it can be done, it’s not optimal but it’s the only way I can workout at the level (hours) I want to be competitive. So I focus on the goal, being faster and that helps me stay focused even while doing most of the plan inside.

Don’t worry about being anxious. Some people get anxious when they have a hard interval day coming up, a field test, a race, etc. Nothing wrong with being anxious but don’t let that prevent you from following the plan. The worst that can happen is you struggle one day on a workout. Do what you can and jump back on the bike the next day. You’ll feel better trying and failing then not trying at all. I had one particular interval session last year I couldn’t finish at 100% in erg mode. Legs just shut down. By the time I finished the plan I was doing the whole thing but every time I do that workout I get a little anxious b/c I hate to fail. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, the workouts can be hard for everyone so take comfort knowing everyone is suffering.

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Thank you for the tips. :+1:

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