Training plan to crush a competitive group ride?

Each Saturday I am part of an intense group ride, around 100K over hilly terrain (some climbs of 15-20 minutes or so). The guys on this ride are competitive and like to attack on the climbs. I would like to be the guy at the front, rather than dropping off the back! Which plan would be suitable for me? My FTP is around 270 and I weigh 70kgs. I’m 31 years old. I have around 6-8 hours a week to train due to a stressful job. I am currently training 6 hours a week, but my current plan (TR) has FAR too much intensity and leaves me totally wrecked for the group ride. Cheers!

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Hi @LionelHutz - (Dewi) - I recognize your name from your help question yesterday.

You want to build your base 1st and ride more than 6 hours a week (try our basic version: 4-8 hours of training)

Then do our climbing intervals plan:

Your group ride also functions like a road race so after you finish your climbing intervals do some VO2’s:

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Thanks Frank! That is a super helpful breakdown.
So, with my group ride being quite intense, am I still OK to ride that during the 16 weeks of SS plan? The issue I guess is that there isn’t a great deal of Sweet Spot in that ride as the group is rather competitive, but it’s a social ride that I still want to do.

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Same question @FRANK for me.
How possible/bad is it to do the social ride in a competitive mode ?
How should we adapt the training plan for it ?

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You will be fine to do hard group rides during your sweet spot plan.

You want to build your base first and then switch over to intervals - it takes time - I gave you a 28 week solution rather than a six week plan recommendation.

28 weeks will net you 5-20% greater FTP improvement, I bet.

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it depends on where you are “@” with your training and what your goals are.

Fine to ride hard overtop your plan provided you can keep following it the next day and the next and the next and so forth.