Looking to improve my climbing

Hi, I’m after some advise regarding the next step from sweet spot to purchase a training plan.
What are my goals.? I live in the north of england where I’m surrounded by climbs that range from 5 to 40 mins at gradients of sometimes 15% to 30%.
My goal is to improve my climbing ability, I’m 49 and presently at 86kg with a current FTP of about 240w. So I’m looking for a plan so I can sustain multiple climbs at a reasonable rate.
Any help would be appreciated



After doing a full 18 weeks of sweet spot I would recommend our hill climbing interval plan.

The importance of the 18 weeks of sweet spot is that builds your base. That is what allows you to repeat climbing efforts and recover between. The intervals will help you be able to go up them faster. So build that complete base and then transition into the interval plan to get faster!

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Thanks for getting back to me, that’ll tie in nicely as Ive got 6 more weeks to go of sweet spot/base before spring hits the UK and the hills will be clear.
Thanks for your help



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And we also recommend Winning in the Kitchen to improve your recovery, fuel your workouts AND improve your power: weight ratio

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