I'm not a racer and I'm not training for any event in particular

Hey FasCat Coaches,

I recently finished the 6 wk Hill Climb Interval training package and loved it. My FTP increased and I loved seeing my improvement some of my local Strava segments and just the endurance on the bike in general.

I’m not a racer and I’m not training for any event in particular. I can’t afford a coach so I’m looking for suggestions on what plan to purchase next. I’m 42. My weekly goals are 10+ hours a week of riding and anywhere from 160 to 200 miles a week. I’m looking to continue to get stronger and faster. I do not have a gym membership so I’m basically doing some functional stuff at the house, stretching, foam rolling, glute workouts, etc and lots of time on the bike.

Any suggestions?



Hi @casey.foust - like @Lacey_Rivette was saying in her email to you, build a BIG aerobic base this winter with our 18 weeks to sweet spot plan and then even our sweet spot part 4 polarized plan. KA-:boom: