How not to get dropped on the A ride?


I’m looking for the best training plan to make me a bit more competitive during our weekly A ride. We typically average around 20-22 mph over ~30 miles and ~2000ft of climbing. Most of it is solid pacelining at a hard pace with attacks up hills and a couple of “sprint points.” I find that I can hang with the pace line but never have anything extra to counter attacks or contest a sprint. I’m essentially looking to have more fun and be more competitive on these friendly rides!

What would be the best training plan to get on that would still let me go all out on the Tuesday group ride?


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Hands down: road intervals

It has sprints, VO2’s, anaerobic and threshold work for you to be able to respond to the group.

When the summer is over get on our 32 week plan and do the road intervals plan again to be even faster!

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haha, that’s the one that I almost put in my cart! Thanks for the quick reply, stoked to get started!


Lots of different training approaches possible but you don’t say what your specific strengths/weaknesses are and what your primary characteristics are (slow/fast twitch/etc.). However, and regardless of the foregoing, learning how to “shape” the way a group ride reacts to course topography is important in hanging in or not. For instance, if you are a strong steady-pace rider but lack snap for making/responding to sharp accelerations, do your best (your efforts and/or manipulating others) to raise the pace leading into those points where the sharp attacks will typically occur as that will serve to blunt those accelerations and make them less sharp.


Thanks for the input Bill! I think until I’ve got a little more attacking skills in my legs I should try and take advantage of my slightly better FTP and try to crank out a bit more before the climbs.

Frank, what would be the best way to arrange the schedule for this workout plan so that I can still go hard on Tuesdays? Since I don’t actively race (until CX season starts) Tuesday night is essentially my Crit night.

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I’d have to do a custom revision for you in the form of our 1x1 coaching or our new $49 Zoom Coaching

Or use the principles of fatigue dependent training to revise your plan with your easier/lower wattage workouts coming after your group ride on Tuesday.