Another 'What Plan Next' Question

I am soon finishing Sweet Spot Part 4 Polarized Intermediate, which I did right after 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot Basic. My FTP is continuing to creep up so I am pleased with the progress.

I’m not planning any races but want to continue to improve my overall riding, including FTP, endurance and speed.

I typically do my Tues-Thur rides on the trainer and like to get long outdoor Sat and Sun rides (4-6 hours) especially during the summer months.

Any recommendations on which plans I should look at next?

Are you a road rider, mountain biker, fondo, gravel, cyclocrosser?

Your next plan is one of our discipline specific interval plans:

Its time to switch from base to race for you :muscle:

Thanks Frank! I’m 100% road cyclist.

Yea man - hit the gas with our road intervals plan :muscle:

After that we have our road in season plan but that if you are racing regularly on the weekends. It would work well for hard group rides on the weekends too.