Training Plan, Road or Gravel

I guess I am considered a masters cyclist being that i will be 51 in May. I have only been cycling for roughly a year, but have been very active throughout my life. I have been doing a 16 week threshold improvement plan and training anywhere from 8 to 15 hours per week. I plan on doing my first race on June 19th. I guess it would be considered my A race being that it is the only race I plan on doing currently. I plan on doing the medium course which is 52 miles with only 2100 feet of elevation gain. The event is titled as a gravel race but with only 5 miles of gravel and the rest on roads. I would like to purchase one of your 6 week plans. My CTL is currently at 91 and when I finish my current plan my CTL should be in the high 80’s. My question is what 6 week plan to purchase, A road race or gravel race plan. Any info provided would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @dmwwelk - welcome to our community and thanks for asking!

Having read your question, the only 5 miles of gravel but otherwise paved is interesting, indeed.

I’d say this: do our road intervals plan if you have not done any VO2 work. Do our gravel plan if you want to work on your long gravel simulation rides. Can’t go wrong with either in this case.

Thanks for your thoughts Frank, I think I’ll go with the Road plan to get the V02 work. I have been doing mostly threshold and Sweet spot. I feel like I have a good base and have been doing 3 to 4 hour rides on Saturdays & Sundays over the last 12 weeks, but feel like the V02 intervals will be more catered to what I need. The course is pretty flat with some rollers until mile 40 then goes up. Fortunately I have family that lives a 1/2 hour from the course so I should be able to ride the course at least once or twice before the event. Thanks again.