24 hour TT intervals

Hi chaps,

With this years events cancelled looking towards next season where I’m targeting a 24 event. Outline is to do ss18 intermediate, SS4 advanced, which intervals program would you recommend the last phase or would I need to get something ordered specifically?

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You might need something a little more specific for the weeks leading up to your event. The closes thing we may have is our gravel plans. Gravel races are long aerobic event for the most part which is exactly what you will be doing. You won’t be riding at threshold or anywhere near, but need to build a huge aerobic engine. So doing 18 weeks of sweet spot is a great start!

Why I say gravel plan is that these offer the most aerobic work but also on the weekends there are simulation rides. This is what you will need to do and they are long rides that the plan is built around. Slowly increasing the duration of your rides so you are prepared to do a 24 hour ride. Working on your hydration, nutrition plan, riding the same equipment and knowing how comfortable your position will be. You wouldn’t actually do a 24 hour beforehand but it would be good to do at least a 12 hour ride 3 - 4 weeks before hand.

You could also do 12 on 1 off @natpalmer86 - 12 as in 12 hours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah one late ride on Saturday afternoon and start first thing Sunday morning with another long one.

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Thanks Jake and Frank. So if I plan to leave 8 weeks before for specificity, do you sell personalised plans for specific events like this or would it be a case of buying a gravel plan and then tag on a coaching subscription for a couple of months for the tweaks to my specific event?

You are welcome @natpalmer86 - this would be an example of when to hire a coach as we discussed in this podcast here:

The gravel plan + Coaching Subscription may be a nice alternative but also remember while the 8 weeks prior to your event are highly important the previous 30-40 weeks set you up, thus the custom coaching.