Training Plan options and coaching

The dates for my A races are set and I have a couple options on how I string the plans together. My thought is I will pay for a month of coaching to get the plans lined out, but when should I do that is the big question.

I will finish the the weights and base 17 week program on March 25th. My A- race is the state TT June 13th, with Nationals July 30.

Awesome @jeffanderson - we’d be happy to help. I think you would be best served with our coaching subscription option because we don’t really coach athlete’s for just one month.

Read more about our coaching subscription here:

Coaching is a 9 months to 5 year type of engagement.

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@FRANK thank you for the clarification. I spent some time this weekend to get my big picture plan figured out and feel good.

PS - I really like the plans and the ability to move them around and redeploy them. I will definitely purchase more plans in the future as well.

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