Time Trial Plans

I’m starting the 18 weeks sweetspot plan tomorrow for my base training. I’m based in the UK and race TTs. The season usually (before Covid) runs from late February through to September. I don’t particularly have an A race as such, especially as things aren’t set in stone. With all that in mind, which plans would be best to go with after the 18 week sweetspot? I’ve found three different TT plans and am I bit confused which way to go.



Hey Sean,

I would suggest our Time Trial Training plan if you are targeting mid range TT’s (sub 40k)

Then for 40k TTs and above I would guide you towards our

hope that helps!



I went for the six week interval plan. My thinking is that once I’ve done that to repeat a few weeks of the Sweetspot plan, most likely the middle block and then maybe go for the 12week plan which will take me to the end of the season. Although I am tempted to try the climbing plan after the Sweetspot block for a bit of variety.

Does this sound like a semi-sensible idea?


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Nice! I do think the climbing plan will help mix things up and keep things fresh. Plus still benefit TT pacing and output. You can always just see where your inspiration lands after.