Time Trailing plan thought season

Looking for a TT PLAN my season is March to October. I like racing most weekends.
Any thoughts

Hi @t.garlinge -

Step 1: get in the weight room to increase your power:

Step 2: Continue to raise your CTL with more sweet spot training such as Sweet Spot 2 & 3 (its excellent for time trialers)

Step 3: Time Trial Intervals Plan:

Then once in season you may want to take out a Coaching Subscription to have a Coach help you with training plan revisions around your TT races., suggest periodization, breaks, non competetive weekends and so forth

Hope that helps :muscle:!!

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I like seeing how the plans can string together. What is the main difference between the 40K TT plan and the TT plan?

Hey Jeff,
We emailed but to answer this for the community. The biggest difference is the length of the build up and prep more for a verity of TT types as the plan takes more time to build up the athlete.

Thank you for the help today and the reply here. Top notch support!!!

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Are both the INTERVALS FOR TIME TRIALS and 40k TT PLAN both 6 weeks long,
I am now coming to the end of my 6 week SS by next week my CTL will be up to 68.

lookng at racing first 10m TT on March 23rd.

unsure which plan to for.
Really enjoyed the SS sessions plans

Our signature time trial interval plan is six weeks:

I’ve got 2 more weeks of the TT PLAN. Really enjoying the sessions. With race season starting middle of March would you buy the 40k TT PLAN to push on.

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